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Dr. Lucious Dixon

President's Statement
Theme: 2022-2023
"Reaching The Wanderers Through Christian Education"


Greetings, Baptist Family. We are Transforming the People to become God’s Glorious Church through Christian Education. Thank you for supporting your Baptist Congress of Christian Education. February 11, 2023, is your Vacation Bible School workshop. Your Registration team, under the leadership of Reverend Cathy Charles, stands ready and able to help you with your registration. Your continued support is the strength of the Congress of Christian Education.


Dean Mitchell Adger has outlined classes that will assist you in enrolling in our congress classes. Please visit us on the Congress website,, to select your course for enrollment. All classes are taught through zoom. We have classes implemented for children. Pastors and ministers are encouraged to enroll in the minister’s class.  


If you have any questions, as your president, I can be reached at the following, Cellular phone, (803) 414-4284, office, (803) 7559788, email,


Special Reminder:

Congress has a new mailing address. This address is designed to receive congress mail in a timely matter so that we can serve you in a timely matter.


That mailing address is as follows.

SCBCCE, POST OFFICE BOX, 7625: Attention, Dr. Lucious Dixon, President, Columbia, South Carolina, 29202. Thanks, and we will see you on zoom on February 11, 2023.


Yours Because of Christian Education,

Dr. Lucious Dixon, President  

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